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Business & Corporate Law

Experienced Philadelphia Business Lawyers

We have the experience to help your business. With offices in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, Harborstone Law is ready to assist you in meeting your business goals. Here are some of the services we offer:

Business Formation and Startup

Start Out Right.

We can help you hit the ground running, whether you choose incorporation, partnership, or another organizational structure. Choosing a business structure is not simple. We will help you pick the right path forward.

Contracts and Agreement

Draft It Right.

We handle most aspects of business contracts from negotiation to drafting and finalization. We draft clear agreements and contracts with an eye to avoiding issues down the road.

Business Debt Settlement/Debt Negotiation

Settle or Restructure Business Debts.

A resolution of your business debt issues is not our of reach. We are experienced negotiators and can help you reach a resolution.

Business Debt Defense

Defend Against Creditor Lawsuits.

Businesses face aggressive debt collection just consumers. We can help you fight back.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay Current and in Compliance.

We are experienced in the area of government regulation and business compliance.

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Harborstone Law is based in Pennsylvania with offices in Greater Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

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